Baisakhi – The Sikh festival of harvest and new year

Also known as Vaisakhi, Baisakhi is an ancient festival of harvest, which also marks the beginning of the new year of the Sikhs as well as the foundation of the Khalsa in 1699 at Anandpur Sahib by the Guru Gobind Singh who is the 10th Guru of the Sikhs. Traditionally, it is the fiesta of the Punjab and Haryana states, which also commemorates the start of the Baisakh month as per the solar Nanakshahi calendar. When this is translated as per the English calendar, it comes to mostly April 14.

The festival has varying significance in the rest parts of India. For Orissa, Kerala, west Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Nepal; it is the celebration of the Hindu solar year. On the other hand, in Himachal Pradesh, people revere the Hindu Goddess Jwalamukhi and in Bihar, people worship the Sun-god. In Kovalam, it is known as the Tamil New Year. In addition, many people see this day as the day of bathing in holy streams such as Ganga and Yamuna. (more…)

Rhodes Holidays: top destinations to visit


This capital of Rhodes has lots to offer. It has a walled area of cobbled streets where there are many shops ,cafes and interesting places to visit. There is Mandraki harbor where you can fish or watch the boats. Here you see the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes.

Well that’s the legend .

There are a couple of good town beaches. We found our Rhodes holidays at Greecevillasrentals. We also found a good maritime museum. Rhodes town has a good cosmopolitan feel. It has everything you may need and more. Sit near the market outside one of the many cafes and watch the world go racing by. (more…)

The Caribbean might just be the most recognized cruise destination in the world. The tropical chain of islands offers sun and fun with plenty variety to hold it intriguing and exciting. The tropical location keeps the temperatures warm, even though the ocean breezes make it comfortable. The exotic beaches, mixed with luxurious accommodations, make these truly island paradises. (more…)

Puerto Rico welcomes countless vacationers every year to its amazing Caribbean island atmosphere, and also the Caribe Hilton Resort puts you right in the middle of all the so-called action inside the city limits of San Juan. Not only that but you might have private beach access to your leisure and 15 acres of nirvana detailed with gardens as well as other activities. (more…)

Hampton Inn and Suites - Vacaville Napa Valley

I actually used to live in Vacaville and my parents and other family members still reside there. My husband and I have had our share or experiences with many of the other hotels in the area and Hampton Inn and Suites in Vacaville, CA was by far the best hotel we’ve stayed at. Originally we found a really positive review on From the staff to the hotel room and the beautiful atrium, our experience was very pleasant! (more…)

Italy Sightseeing Tours

If high fashion shopping, dining on wonderful food, and romanticism is what fascinates you then you should definitely consider sightseeing in Italy. This place has so much to offer that your heart will never be fully satisfied with it. Once you visit this place, you will surely be beckoned to it again and again. This place is rich in history, society and culture that are sure to influence you. It is filled with beautiful monuments, churches and museums. (more…)

How To Get Last Minute Travel To Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is an enchanting part of Portugal, where many tourists go to for the warming up in cold winter months. It is a unique region with an interesting history. And this place still continues to be an essential part of the landscape of Portugal. There are various factors that give this place a magnetic charm that is sure to impress every tourist. (more…)

Travel Packages To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the land of endless enchantment! The name of this country itself conjures up an image of beaches, beautiful waterfalls, exotic wildlife, interesting culture, parks and sanctuaries, and the pleasant climate. All these things make it a tropical paradise. This country is strikingly attractive due to the diverse attractions and this makes it one of the most visited tourists center in the world. There are many attractions in Sri Lanka with splendor and magnetic charm which never fails to impress the heart of all visitors. The astounding beauty of this country is beyond the description of words. Therefore it is best to visit this place and experience the beauty of this place yourself. (more…)

Selecting top 10 exotic beaches in the world is really a tough task. However, we have tried our best to provide you with a list of exotic beaches you would love to explore. So get ready and plan a trip to one of them soon.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach is located on Zakynthos Island and can be reached only by boat. This picture-perfect beach is one of the most-visited sites in Greece. The stunning beach houses wrecks of alleged smugglers and features white sandy beaches, clear blue water and sheer limestone cliffs. View original source… (more…)

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